When people visit your website, you want them to feel connected. It needs to be clear and well designed so that they feel safe and secure (I call it website huggability!) One of the easiest ways to make sure you make a connection is through using fonts that match your business and brands vibe.

Thankfully WordPress websites are literally WONDERFUL and have full functionality for you to use gazillions of font styles. The only problem is there’s so many to chose from it can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

I recommend you use font pairs – because you don’t want it to look all over the place and equally you don’t want it to look all samey!
Sticking to fewer fonts makes it much easier to keep it simple and make it significant!


Happy Heart Font Tips For WordPress Websites:

  • You can reduce and increase letter spacing to create different effects
  • You can change up the line height to create more space on a page.
  • Want to mock up how it will look before you change them in a website?
    You can preview fonts using Google fonts
    You can use the free canva pairing tool to give you some cool ideas too…

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