Elizabeth wanted a new website for her online baby classes. She selecetd a Beautiful Dreamer Ready Made WordPress Website.

“I have had the most amazing feedback from the website.  Everyone loves it, easy to navigate, pretty, and my favourite, ‘it is just like chatting to you, Elizabeth, your personality and professionalism shine through “

Last night I opened up my bookings and I sold 50% in just 25 minutes, which was incredible.” Elizabeth James

Little Beans Baby Classes

I opted for the ready-made websites because they are beautifully made, eye-catching and positive. They are built with love and I am so glad I chose my wonderful life. The website I have now is vibrant, bright, positive and welcoming. It’s fun and definitely captures me in every page.
I still have more work to do but thankfully there is a video that will show me everything I need to do.
I am no longer embarrassed but so very very proud of my new website! I love it.
Thank you Naomi!”
Becky Field

Westfield Coaching

I have absolutely loved working with Naomi on my Happy Hearts Ready Made Website.  I have felt totally supported right from the start with fantastic video tutorials, online live support and a facebook group to feel part of a community.  I wanted to create my own website – it’s something I enjoy.  But I really wanted it to look professional and be interesting and user-friendly.  I knew I couldn’t achieve this on my own but Naomi’s Happy Heart Ready Made Website Templates enabled me to do just that.  I am delighted with the results.

Gill Dunkerly

Manchester Mind Matters

“Naomi from happy heart website designs has very cleverly come up with this great concept of ready made websites with a difference. Their are several beautiful designs that you can tailor make to your requirements that still make them unique to your brand. Without the price tag of getting and someone in the group can answer but mainly Naomi also comes in to sort.
It’s so daunting setting up a website on your own but with Naomi’s help from Happy Heart websites you get to be in control and learn new skills along the way, but still have her skills to fall back on to help you out. I had no skills in this field before and if I can do it anyone can. Naomi was kind and helpful but never pushy this is your website she is just their to guide you through. I now have a website I am proud of and feel confident I can make changes at any time if I want to grow my business without the price tag of having to ask a web designer every time I want to change it. But at the same time I know I have the support of Naomi to help.
A website doesn’t happen overnight but when you press that live button Naomi is just as happy as you.
Knowing someone has your back helps the process and could not of done this without Naomi and Happy Heart HQ. Forever greatful for her skills and knowledge”
Vanessa Buck

Sunkissed Tanning Studio

“I am so happy to have worked with Naomi on my new website. She is so enthusiastic and inspirational and her training videos make the process of working on all aspects of a website so much more straightforward – and Naomi is there to help when needed.”

Alison Belsom

Sunfish Yoga

“To say a huge thank you, Naomi, really doesn’t do justice to how highly I rate about your fabulous service.
I’ve worked for myself for 14 years and never had a website before, would you believe? I’ve always wanted to. But my business has always played second fiddle to my clients’ businesses. Well, that all changed of course in March 2020.
I’m very creative. But a massive technophobe. Therefore, your training videos and the Friday morning live sessions with hands-on help have been ideal for me. Your support is so appreciated.
And you know what, Naomi? I have a gorgeous, vibrant website that completely reflects me. I’m so proud of it. It’s my online window for shining by own unique brilliance on the world.
My other half works for one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world. I was almost dreading him pulling my efforts to pieces when he looked at it. He didn’t. He’s thrilled that I managed to create something of such high quality without a giant price tag to match.”
Judith Rafferty

Fruition Ventures

When I happened across Naomi’s website challenge it was perfect timing. I had been thinking of building a new site for a while and wasn’t sure where to start.
With Naomi’s help, and her amazing Ready Made Websites, I mapped it out and chose a gorgeous template. With brilliant step by step video tutorials and her hands on help and support, my dream has come to life! The worries I had about all the tech and being able to put it all together became completely insignificant, Naomi made it so easy and fun, it’s been a great confidence boost too!
I would recommend Happy Heart Ready Made Websites in a heartbeat. I am so glad that I found Naomi when I did, as it’s made a massive difference to my business, life and family.
Thank you Naomi xx

Sue Phillips

Zen Pixie Creates