“To say a huge thank you, Naomi, really doesn’t do justice to how highly I rate about your fabulous service.
I’ve worked for myself for 14 years and never had a website before, would you believe? I’ve always wanted to. But my business has always played second fiddle to my clients’ businesses. Well, that all changed of course in March 2020.
I’m very creative. But a massive technophobe. Therefore, your training videos and the Friday morning live sessions with hands-on help have been ideal for me. Your support is so appreciated.
And you know what, Naomi? I have a gorgeous, vibrant website that completely reflects me. I’m so proud of it. It’s my online window for shining by own unique brilliance on the world.
My other half works for one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world. I was almost dreading him pulling my efforts to pieces when he looked at it. He didn’t. He’s thrilled that I managed to create something of such high quality without a giant price tag to match.”
Judith Rafferty

Fruition Ventures

Bold and Bright

The Bold and Bright ready made website design really packs a punch! It’s all about being visible and making an impact in the world.

It is fully customisable so you can change the fonts and colours through your website to match your business.

Add your own text and images to make it unique to you.

The bold and bright ready made website design is perfect for you if you are a dynamic entrepreneur, ready to make a statement to the world, perfect for pr agencies, creatives, coaches, virtual assistants, authors and content creators.